Why Polished Concrete Is Right for Your Manufacturing Facility

Why Polished Concrete Is Right for Your Manufacturing Facility

There are three main factors that decide the success of a manufacturing facility: your people, equipment, and the facility itself. We can’t help you with the people and the equipment, but we can help you take your facility to the next level. A manufacturing facility is a unique building, as there are several pieces of equipment such as forklifts and heavy machines. That said, your floors are taking one heck of a beating every day. That is, unless you install tough floors like polished concrete. Keep reading to learn why polished concrete is right for your manufacturing facility.

Very Durable

Polished concrete is among the most durable flooring options for commercial use. Due to the strong polish, these floors are spill-resistant, so you can easily handle spills. Additionally, polished concrete floors are nearly impossible to chip, scratch, or leave tread marks. All of which makes polished concrete upkeep extremely easy.

Easy to maintain

Since you won’t need to worry about scratches, chips, and most stains, you won’t have any issues maintaining your floors. All we suggest is a good sweep after each day. For some “heavier” cleaning, you might need an occasional wet mop, but that’s about it. Pretty simple, right?

Aesthetically Pleasing

Who said manufacturing facilities can’t look good? You can start by making your floors look great. Our team lets you decide the level of sheen you want on your floors to make your concrete floors look amazing. From here we’ll be able to transform your generic concrete floor into something glossy and beautiful.

These highlights are only some of the reasons why polished concrete is right for your manufacturing facility. So, maybe you’ve heard about polished concrete floors before or you’ve just begun researching. We know you’ll benefit from these floors in the long run, because you won’t have to spend a bunch of money to repair chips, scratches, and more! Not to mention, some concrete flooring options can have some harsh chemicals that release harmful VOCs. Since the process of polishing concrete is merely grinding and polishing the concrete, you won’t have any VOCs during the process.

Here at Custom Crete, our team has helped countless factories, restaurants, breweries, and more transform their concrete floors. Our goal is to help you transform your floors and get back to work as quickly as possible. If you’re looking to get polished concrete floors in Chicagoor surrounding areas, contact Custom Crete today for more information.

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