Two Different Types of Industrial Floor Coating Options

Two Different Types of Industrial Floor Coating Options

There are several important things to consider when outfitting an industrial environment—including the type of floor coating it will need. Before making a decision, there are a few different factors to evaluate. The most important of these include the following:

  • The amount of foot traffic the area endures
  • The type and weight of any equipment that will be used
  • The temperate conditions in the area
  • Any chemicals that are handled
  • The amount of money and maintenance you’ll have to invest

Concrete polish and epoxy coating are popular options for various reasons, and many business owners attest to the fact. Below we list a few of the benefits of both options.

Concrete Polish

  • It’s stain-resistant, meaning that it can combat unattractive damage caused by oil and other chemicals
  • It’s slip-resistant, which is especially useful in areas that deal with any kind of liquids
  • It doesn’t require frequent maintenance, which also makes it an overall more affordable option
  • Concrete wears at a lower rate than other floor coatings
  • Concrete polish is incredibly easy to clean, meaning that your time can be invested elsewhere
  • It’s eco-friendly in that it absorbs and reflects light, causing less electricity to be used—saving both electricity and money

Epoxy Coating

  • Epoxy is extremely durable, giving it the ability the withstand heavy machinery
  • Like concrete polish, this option is resistant to staining caused by chemical spills
  • Epoxy coating lasts far longer than many other options, with the ability to last decades if properly cared for
  • It’s easy to customize according to one’s individual needs
  • It can withstand elements such as fluctuating temperatures, fire, and heavy impact
  • Less abrasive than other options, epoxy coatings can cause heavy equipment and vehicles to wear at a reduced rate

If you’ve concluded that either of these options are for you, be sure to outsource the installation project to a reliable company. At Custom Crete, we offer the best epoxy and polished concrete floor applications in Chicago. If you’d like to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us today.

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