Signs You Should Update Your Commercial Floors

Signs You Should Update Your Commercial Floors

Picture this: You walk into a store with the intention of purchasing something, but the shelves are a mess, and there’s paint peeling on the walls. Not to mention the floors have stains; they’re chipped and broken, and there’s a weird smell. Does that sound like somewhere you’d like to give your hard-earned money to? Neither would we. As a business owner, you’re responsible for how your building looks, no customer is going to want to shop with you if your building sounds a lot like the one above. So help us help you by considering these signs you should update your commercial floors.

The Aesthetic Doesn’t Work

With the exponential rise in ecommerce, retail stores have been getting more and more unique in recent years. In fact, many retail stores—especially local small businesses are developing an aesthetic theme throughout their stores. For example, some stores are going for a rustic farmhouse vibe, so what floors would you expect? Probably wood that’s worn-in and dark. What if that same store had plain concrete floors? The style would strike customers as being incohesive. Instead, stick with your theme and who you are as a business and make sure your flooring and décor reflect who you are.

Stains and Odors

No one wants to do business with a company whose building has a foul odor and obvious stains in the carpet or concrete. Of course, depending on the type of business, customers may expect odors and stains. For example, when you go to a mechanic, you expect the floors to be dirty from oil and grime. But you’d likely take your business elsewhere from a luxury furniture store or grocery store with dirty floors and foul smells.

Chipping and Uneven Concrete

Similar to stains and odors, if a business has concrete floors and doesn’t maintain them properly, the floor probably shows some chipping, pits, or depressions. If that sounds like your floor, you should consider updating your floor to a stronger concrete coating like polished concrete or epoxy. In fact, more businesses than ever before are incorporating concrete coating solutions because they last much longer than other alternatives with very little maintenance.

If any of the above scenarios sound like the floors in your business, these are telltale signs you should update your commercial floors. You’re probably losing business; even if you don’t think the floors are a big deal, customers notice them. If you give your customers a positive experience from your product or service, customers deserve a positive experience in your building too.

Here at Custom Crete, we take pride in our work and help businesses improve their flooring with our high-quality concrete flooring solutions. If you’re looking to update your commercial flooring in Chicago, contact us today!

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