Misconceptions About Concrete Floor Maintenance

Misconceptions About Concrete Floor Maintenance

You can find concrete floors in several different settings, but especially in warehouses, restaurants, breweries, and automotive repair shops. One of the common concerns our customers have is how they’re going to maintain the floor, but maintenance for concrete flooring is easier than you think. Continue reading to learn some of the common misconceptions about concrete floor maintenance.

Concrete floors won’t crack or chip.

It’s true that concrete floors––whether polished or epoxy-covered––are significantly more durable than any alternative, but you can’t say that no concrete floor will crack or chip. The reason is a lot of concrete floor contractors out there aren’t experienced. If the concrete is laid incorrectly, you’ll likely experience cracking at some point.

You don’t need to maintain concrete floors at all.

There’s a misconception floating around that concrete floors don’t require maintenance. Concrete floors do require a little maintenance—however, it’s probably not the level of maintenance you’re thinking of. All you really need is a broom and a mop. Industrial concrete floors constantly take wear and tear, and to improve the longevity of your floors, you’ll need to sweep them daily. Additionally, you’ll probably need to use a wet mop occasionally, especially in Chicagoland when we’re getting road salt everywhere.

Any chemical floor cleaner will work.

A wet mop is sufficient most of the time, but you might need something a little stronger occasionally. However, one of the most common misconceptions about concrete floor maintenance is that you can use any chemical floor cleaner to get out those tough stains. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many chemical floor cleaners will damage your floor. Instead, if you have grime or a major stain, just contact your concrete floor installer before using any chemicals.

If you’re the owner of an industrial commercial building, you’ve likely had concrete floors since the beginning—and rightfully so. Epoxy or polished concrete floors that are installed by professionals can withstand the wear and tear an industrial facility imposes on its floors. Here at Custom Crete, our team of experienced professionals is ready to help your commercial building, restaurant, or brewery improve its longevity with quality concrete floors. If you’re looking to get high-quality industrial flooring in Chicago or the surrounding areas, look no further than Custom Crete. Contact us today for more information.

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