Applications of Concrete Floors

It can often be taken granted how many flooring applications there are out there. At Custom Crete, we provide pharmaceutical flooring, manufacturing industry flooring, food industry flooring, and more. CustomCrete’s flooring solutions combat wear-and-tear, withstand chemicals, and can last up to three years. These concrete floor applications are not only practical, they also save you money. Plus, epoxy floors cover holes easily, as well as small cracks and uneven surfaces on floors. Take a look at the numerous industries we serve:


The high production of automotive equipment makes it essential for people in the industry to work on the best floors. CustomCrete serves various car equipment supplier companies with industrial flooring solutions. Our floors protect industrial facilities from debris and minimize the risk for bacteria to invade concrete. Our material also keeps floors safe in three ways. First, the epoxy we use increases surface strength from just under 3,000 pounds per square inch to 10,000 pounds per square inch. In addition, the epoxy provides resistance to bleach, transmission fluid, heat, and water. Thirdly, epoxy provides enhanced visibility thanks to its ability to reflect light off of the floor.


Those in the manufacturing industry need a solution that can support heavy equipment, finished products, and raw materials. The epoxy coatings we use merely need be scrubbed—they don’t need to be stripped or waxed. Plus, you can expect years of usage. Our manufacturing industry flooring is truly top of the line.


Our company also provides flooring solutions to the healthcare industry. Our solutions can easily resist etching, and they don’t absorb chemicals, water, or other chemicals. We also offer epoxy floor coatings and cementitious urethanes. These are just some of the concrete floors applications made possible with us, and we can work with several other industries too. Request a quote from CustomCrete today to see how we can transform your facility’s floor.