Industrial Concrete Floor Repair in Chicago

It should go without saying that industrial concrete floor repair is critical. Yet too often, it gets neglected. A damaged floor can result in several issues that not only affect workers but businesses, too. Fortunately, CustomCrete provides industrial concrete floor repair in Chicago. We specialize in the industrial part of epoxies and polished concrete. Whether you have a new floor or are seeking repairs for an existing floor, our services will offer a durable solution that adds value to your factory, warehouse, or distribution center. Our commercial grade epoxy coatings and urethane floor systems are well-equipped for food preparation areas and also meet heath department and federal regulation cleaning standards. We offer the following industrial flooring services:

  • Specialty Concrete
  • Commercial Polished Concrete
  • Urethane Cement

Maximize Business Productivity

Our industrial flooring in Chicago helps you maximize productivity by preventing several issues that occur as a result of bad flooring. For instance, a good floor prevents lift trucks and forklifts from moving slower, so items get to where they need to be faster. As another example, a good floor prevents lift truck and forklift damage (an issue that poses several problems such as tire strain, increased risk of a spill, and truck re-routing).

Stay Sanitary

An unsuitable industrial concrete floor can also cause sanitation conditions to worsen significantly. Cracks could collect dirt, debris, and dust; none in which can be easily removed by most sweeping machines. Plus, large cracks can also be an easy place for rodents to travel to. Repairing an industrial concrete floor prevents these undesirable things from happening.

Install a Durable Floor

Industrial floor coatings on concrete floors can lengthen the lifespan of your floor and withstand the pressure created by heavy vehicles and crates. Weaker floors could more easily require maintenance that costs upwards of thousands of dollars, but your durable concrete floor will resist such damage.

Customized to Your Preference

We offer a wide assortment of options for industrial concrete floors, so you can choose which option you like best. Having the right epoxy paint can significantly improve lighting in your facility, which can give it a great look and even increase employee productivity.

Easy Cleaning

Industrial concrete floors are easy to wipe clean. You won’t have to stress over the fear of bacteria or the presence of chemicals in concrete; once epoxy paint becomes a solid polymer, cleaning becomes easy.

Call CustomCrete today for industrial concrete floor repair in Chicago.

Newly polished concrete floorA warehouse with a newly polished concrete floorA massive loading dock with a new custom concrete floor