Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Chicagoland

Choose CustomCrete for metallic epoxy flooring in Chicagoland. These floors are slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, extremely durable, and have a low chance of yellowing. These are essential features for salons, hotel lobbies, retail stores, offices, or any type of commercial setting.

The coating juxtaposes a smooth appearance with durability. As a consumer, you also get to choose between several different colors and patterns. Epoxy floors can easily cover small cracks, holes, and uneven surfaces on your floor. Plus, you can easily clean metallic epoxy floor coating if something spills.

Keeps Your Floor Safe

Metallic epoxy floor installation offers increased safety thanks to its resistance against water, heat, transmission fluid, oil, bleach, and more. The epoxy material reflects light off of the floor to present enhanced visibility. Many types of epoxy can increase the concrete surface strength from nearly 3,000 pounds per square inch to a whopping 10,000 pounds per square inch.

Durable Defense

In addition, epoxy is a great line of defense for your floor. It creates a barrier between the flooring and debris, minimizing the risk of bacteria infiltrating the concrete. It also protects your concrete from grease, cracks, and stains. And this isn’t just a short-term benefit—an epoxy floor can last up to three years.


The epoxy coating does not involve a major investment for installation. Plus, if properly taken care of, this type of flooring won’t cost you money on maintenance down the road.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning this floor coating is an easy process regardless of if you use a mop, broom, or vacuum. The easiest way to clean epoxy involves either detergent and water or soap. Don’t use acidic products, as they could cause the surface to lose its luster. Covering concrete also reduces dust and cement particles released onto other surfaces in your home.

Whether you’re installing a brand-new floor or seeking a replacement, CustomCrete can provide you with a beautiful metallic epoxy floor. Contact us today to receive a quote.

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A new red metallic epoxy concrete floor
A new metallic epoxy floor
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