Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Chicagoland

Discover commercial epoxy flooring in Chicagoland with CustomCrete. We pride ourselves on our versatile epoxy coating solutions. CustomCrete can quickly transform your floor into a beautiful surface with a glossy finish. An epoxy floor solution also puts you at ease—you’ll know your floor will contain thermal shock resistance and chemical protection against areas where mold would normally grow.

Quartz Aggregate

We’re able to install quartz aggregate epoxy flooring, a cost-effective epoxy flooring solution with superior resilience under demanding conditions. Quartz aggregate can be easily coated with a resin system and high-quality, color-fast pigments. This material can prevent bacterial or dirt from dwelling in crevices, thanks to the lack of joints or seams. You’ll have a multitude of color options to choose from as well. Plus, after several years of use, floor revitalization will remain as easy as sanding the surface and adding a new topcoat.


Epoxy flooring is also a very cost-effective solution for commercial applications. This type of flooring is far superior thanks to its strong abrasion and chemical resistance compared to pre-engineered floors. Flake resinous flooring contains an orange-peel texture that maximizes slip resistance as well as safety. Plus, this wax-free flooring features economical upkeep with just soap and water. This industrial flooring is beautiful from wall-to-wall, and it doesn’t collect germs, dirt, or moisture. It also deadens the noise of foot traffic and carts.

Traditional Resinous Color Samples

This is used for repairing cracks in concrete pads as well as filling construction joints that need cleaning (as long as it meets FDA and USDA regulations). Here is a breakdown of our different types of coating:

Thin mil-coating: This is a two-component, 100% solids industrial epoxy floor installation. It can be either a two- or three-coat system, and it can be either clear or pigmented. This option is the most cost-effective with good wear.

Epoxy Flake Blends: This cost-effective and beautiful solution can be used in several settings requiring a crisp straight line. It’s a very high-wearing stripe.

CustomCrete is the easy choice—get a quote today for commercial epoxy flooring in Chicagoland.