Colored Concrete Floors in Chicagoland

When you want more than just a protected, durable, easy to maintain floor, CustomCrete is here to help via colored concrete floors in Chicagoland. We can include that uniqueness you desire delivering a specialty concrete flooring solution. The most popular application for creating a unique look is staining, often called colored concrete. By combining colors and application techniques, CustomCrete can create unique specialty concrete flooring that other flooring options cannot achieve. Only the creativity of those involved can limit the results. The end product is a custom specialty concrete flooring solution unique for your business. Stained floors possess several key benefits:

Durability That Will Last You Years

A major benefit of colored concrete floors is that they are an enduring solution. They’re also resistant to wear and tear as well as fading and discoloration. Your colored concrete floor won’t buckle, warp, flake, chip, or peel. Instead, it will remain strong for years to come.


Stained concrete floors require far less maintenance than alternative flooring options. They’ll maintain their look over time when mopped or cleaned. Even if stained concrete floors in high-traffic locations need to be re-polished or buffed, they still don’t require as much work as many other floor types.

A Beautiful Look at a Lower Cost

Our colored concrete floors look every bit as beautiful as slate, granite, marble, and related flooring options but are available at a much more affordable cost.

Enhanced Air-Quality

Stained concrete floors knock out all the major sources of indoor air-quality issues. This includes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), retained moisture and dampness, smoke and cleaning agent odors, and allergens.

Saving Cash on Your Energy Bill

Colored concrete floors are capable of reducing the load of heat that affects heating and A/C units. This flooring moderates indoor climates even when major temperature swings are occurring outdoors.

These are just some of the reasons why colored concrete floors are a must-have for businesses. Contact CustomCrete today for colored concrete floors in Chicagoland.

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