Commercial Kitchen Flooring in Chicago

Durability, safety, sanitation—these are traits your kitchen staff expects from their workspace. If your floor doesn’t deliver on all these areas, then you need CustomCrete’s commercial kitchen flooring. By tackling these requirements, your staff will experience reduced labor costs and frustration, whereas they’ll experience increased morale and efficiency, all while knowing that their facility is more sanitary. Plus, it will be less likely that agencies such as the USDA, FDA, and OSHA penalize your facility.

Anyone who works in the food or beverage industry knows that taking proper sanitary measures can be quite exhausting. From cleaning to inspecting for mold and everything in between, time is of the essence. Having the right floor can significantly reduce the time spent on these necessities. We’ll provide your kitchen with a floor that is easier and less time-consuming to clean. Your floor will also be resistant to staining, mold, unwanted odors, and fungi.

Additionally, you can achieve peace of mind knowing that we will provide dependable, non-slip commercial kitchen flooring. This is critical to minimizing the chance an employee slips on the floor, even in greasy areas. As long as the floor is properly cleaned, you can expect your floor to remain slip-resistant for years to come.

We also recognize that schedules can be tight when it comes to commercial kitchen flooring solutions. New restaurants must adhere to specific deadlines before opening day while existing restaurants can’t afford to close off many sections simultaneously. CustomCrete commits all its time and resources to provide quick, top of the line service. Our team will be hard at work and finish your project as quickly as possible to ensure you’re up and running in no time.

CustomCrete can make your life easier via our commercial kitchen flooring services. Contact us today to see the difference.

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