Commercial Flooring Solutions in Chicago

You expect the most out of the floors at your business. That’s why you should turn to CustomCrete for commercial flooring in Chicago. We can repair the surface of your restaurant, kitchen, bar, brewery, or salon floors via our commercial grade epoxy coatings and urethane floor systems. These systems are ideal for food preparation areas and they’re compliant with the health department and federal regulation cleaning standards. We are your one-stop shop for repairs to existing floors and installation of new floors. Get the polishing you deserve for your kitchen, restaurant, bar, brewery, or salon floor.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe

Our commercial flooring in Chicago helps keep employees and customers safe. We use a slip-resistant coating to achieve this. The additive used for the coating is post-consumable crushed glass. The combination of the coating and the additive creates a safer floor that can also keep the floor aesthetic in place.

Unphased by High Traffic

Commercial concrete floors won’t become damaged from high foot-traffic. They won’t easily chip, discolor, stain, or require frequent resurfacing or waxing. You can count on long shelf-life when your floor is polished by our contractors.

Low Maintenance

Our commercial flooring solutions have low maintenance requirements thanks to their durability. You won’t have to constantly vacuum them, and since they naturally resist dirt and dust, sweeping them is a breeze.

Low Cost

Concrete floors are comparable in pricing versus other flooring counterparts. Not only do you end up with a reliable long-term investment—you’re saving money right from the get-go.

Variety of Options

We stand out for our customizable solutions, which pose several practical and aesthetic benefits. Concrete floors create a high-gloss surface that reflects light. This added light can increase productivity among employees and complement the aesthetic of your setting. There is no one-size-fits-all for commercial flooring, which is why we’re proud to give you options.

Call CustomCrete today for unmatched commercial flooring in Chicago.

Newly polished concrete flooringA warehouse with a newly polished concrete floorA massive loading dock with new custom concrete flooring